“He acted exactly as expected of him in this explosive device called the Middle East: He chased after someone he believed was a terrorist, who in the end was shot,” Oron Schwartz, who represented the police commander, said in a phone call with The Times of Israel. “It’s a tragedy, of course, and our hearts are with the family.”
“The investigation into this case looks like it’s about to be completed. More investigating is required to finish it, because our client insists that he ordered the shooter to stop firing before the fatal shot,” the commander's lawyers, Oron Schwartz and Yogev Narkis, said in a statement.
“If the authorities and the Justice Ministry unit won’t work to confirm this version of events, my client will insist on undergoing a polygraph test. Although the results of a polygraph are not admissible in a legal proceeding, it is an acceptable and sometimes decisive tool for investigators and prosecutors making a decision.”
Haaretz, 07.06.2020
“Additional investigation, including confronting the two [officers] and reenacting the events, is necessary,” Oron Schwartz and Yogev Narkis, the lawyers for the more senior officer, said, “as our client is insisting that he ordered holding fire before the fatal shooting. As long as the police misconduct unit doesn’t act to verify this account, our client will insist on his version being examined by a lie detector. The results of a lie detector test are not in fact admissible in court, but they are an accepted investigative tool and are sometimes decisive in having the investigative authorities and the prosecution make decisions.”
Haaretz, 30.05.2020
Haaretz report over Jerusalem Incident
Jerusalem Post, 02.01.2020
Bar-Noar founder to be compensated. Jerusalem post: According to Ganon's attorneys, Oron Schwartz and Yogev Narkis - "As a result, a mark of Cain was placed on his Ganon's forehead." Ganon's attorneys added that his name wasn't cleared even after the investigation was shown to be faulty. According to the terms of the settlement, the state will pay Ganon NIS 200,000 and will not admit to his claims or to any damages to him.
Haaretz, 20.12.2019

Haaretz article of our claim for state's recognition for Jewish Ethiopean agents: "No one knew that the posttraumatic stress would appear 25 years later,”
says attorney Oron Schwartz, who is representing the claimants together with his colleagues Yogev Narkis and Ofira Sambal.