Advocate Oron Schwartz heads the Schwartz-Narkis&Co. law firm, located on Tel-Aviv Israel, handling the civil and criminal litigation field. Heading a unique legal team, advocate Oron Schwartz and associate Yogev Narkis serve and handles litigation procedures at diverse instances. Among his clients are international and local corporations, private individuals as well as civil servants and private and civil functionaries. Advocate Schwartz serves as a lawyer since 2001, and worked at the Israeli ministry of justice as an interner between 1999-2001, later worked at the Naor-Epstein legal firm, and finally founded the Schwartz-Narkis legal office in 2005.

Oron Schwartz is legal column writer at the press and new media, serves as a head lecturer at the litigation clinic at the Ono academic college since 2009 and teaches negotiation strategies within the Nest negotiation school studies and serves as a tactical negotiaion expert withing NEST team. Schwartz is the writer and presentor of the Israeli public broadcast organisation - 'KAN' and is the creator of the podcast series  - "Retrial", handling legal Israeli history.
Advocate Schwartz graduated an M.A degree at the Archaeology and ancient near east civilizations school of Tel-Aviv University, and wrote his Thesis about the Iron age finding at Kiriat Yearim arcaheological site. Oron is a general aviation pilot flying light aircrafts.

Advocate Rotem Nir is the Head of the Schwartz-Narkis and co. office in Jerusalem. 
Nir Served a military service in the intelligence corps in training and field intelligence positions. He studied management and communication studies at the Open University and graduated an L.L.B law degree at 2011. served as an interner at the Jerusalem Public defense Office of the ministry o justice and holds an practices law since 2013. Nir Studied theatre studies at Nissan Nativ. Currently studying for a master's degree at Bar-Ilan University and facilitating a social studies and law workshop for 9th grade students at Sligsberg High School in Jerusalem.

Advocate Ofira Sambel is head of the Family law department, with expertise in civil, commercial and real estate law. 
Sambel served at the I.D.F as a first lieutenant intelligence officer at the Army Research Division. Served as an interner at the Gideon-Koren law office in Tel-Aviv. 
She holds a Master's degree of Law at the 
Tel Aviv University, an L.L.B Law Degree in Honors at the UNO Academic College, and an Honorary Degree from the Clinic for Advocacy and Litigation.

Advocate Iman Jamal, Is an advocate since 2007 and practices civil and commercial law, specializing in Corporation law. Jamal serves as a lecturer for Labor and corporate law at the Ono Academic Law school.

Advocate and Notary Daniel ("Dan") Mirkin, is Of Counsel at the Schwartz Narkis & CO. since 2018.
Borne in Paris, France, 1937, Mirkian has a B.A. in Political Sciences and French Civilization at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem;
L.L.B of the Tel Aviv University. M.A, Marine Archaeology at the Haifa University; and a PhD of Marine Archaeology at the Tel Aviv University.
Admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1974, Associate and then Partner at the Yaacov Salomon, LipschÜtz & Co. legal office. Mirkin is a Founder at the D. Mirkin & Co. legal office since 1986, and practiced law until retirement in 2015. Specialized in Intellectual Property, Hotel Business, Administrative law, Shipping and Maritime Law.
Mirkin master the Languages of Hebrew, English, French, Russian. and has part knowledge in Greek and German.

Advocate Yogev Narkis is practicing law since 2003, and is a litigator in various legal fields. after serving as an interner in the Naor-Epstein law firm in Tel-Aviv, then In 2005, together with attorney Oron Schwartz, he established the Schwartz-Narkis law firm.
he focusus on litigation in various content worlds and legal fields. Narkis serves as a litigation lecturer at the ONO Academic College, as well as an attorney in the Tel Aviv District of the Bar Association.
Narkis holds a B.A. in Government Studies and a L.L.B. in Law, and studied for M.A in History at the Tel Aviv University. Previously served as a proffesional football player at Hapoel Herzliya.

Advocate Yoram Elkis, heads the banking and finance deprtment. He practices family law and councils family capital issues. Elkis served as a bank headmaster and worked at the advertisement and P.R industry.

Adv. Moti Zwilling, consults the cyber and intelectual property department. Zwilling is an expert in Cyber Security, Privacy Protection and Regulation Law, Internet Technology and E-Commerce, Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis. He holds Ph.D. in Computational Biology (Hebrew University), M.B.A, Ph.D. in Business Administration (Bar-Ilan University) and a Postdoctoral Fellow in Information Systems Engineering (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev). LL.B. (Netanya Academic College), MA in Law (Bar-Ilan University), B.Sc., M.Sc. in Computer Science and Biology (Bar-Ilan University). He is a Member of the Cyber and New Media commitee in the Israeli Bar Association. Zwilling is an active basketball referee in the Israeli Basketball Association. 

Photo: Ishi Chazani, Studio mirkam

Advocate Meir Salmanina is a lawyer and a mediator  and Specializes in cooperative societies and represents moshavim and kibbutzim.

Graduated in 2013 with an L.L.B in Law from the UNO Academic College.
Durin 1984-2010, he served as chairman of the Exporters Association of the Plant Council and also ran an agricultural farm for export of agricultural produce. 

Our legal team

Advocate Shani Kamil is a lawyer since 2020, holds an L.L.M degree of the Bar-Ilan University and served as in interner in Schwartz-Narkis&Co. since 2019.

Advocate David Hefetz serves at the Jerusalem Branch of the Office. Hefetz specializes at Writ of execution laws.