About Us

Schwartz Narkis & Co., Attorneys At Law, is one of Israel’s leading firms, specializing in civil and criminal litigation and dispute management. The firm was established in 2005 by Advocates Schwartz and Narkis, renowned authorities in civil-commercial law and litigation.

The firm’s expertise stems from its litigation experience, including the integration of various new content worlds into juridical claims. The firm is well reputed in private and civil-commercial law; class actions; corporations and banking and finance lawpersonal status, family law and family capital managementcriminal and white collar offences; media law; libel law; consumer law; aviation law; planning and zoning law and urban renewal; art and cultural property law; and human rights. The synergy between the partners, with one focused on interpersonal relations and the other on intellectual development, leads to the firm’s unique strengths and successes.
The firm is headquartered in Tel Aviv with an office in Jerusalem and a Chinese Desk, which provides diverse legal-business services to Chinese and Israeli citizens and companies. The cooperation also includes academic litigation knowledge exchange and management of innovation and entrepreneurship conventions and forums. 
The firm's advocates include Arabic and Russian speakers. 

The firm won, in 2012 and 2020, the tender for the governmental insurance company “Inbal”, and provides legal defense to various public officials including police and government officials. The firm serves as legal counsel of the Ashdod Port, Israel's main sea port since 2015, and as Counsel for Israel Railways since 2018. Since 2018, the firm has been serving as legal counsel for the Pensioners Organization of the Makefet, Egged and Nativ Funds.
The firm emphasizes the values of personal, professional and confidential service, excellence and thoroughness, while applying an innovative approach and utilizing diverse tools, including media management.
Advocates Schwartz and Narkis believe in constant growth and in-house litigation training and serve as academic lecturers on litigation, negotiations and torts, and publish newspaper columns. They often serve as commentators in the written and broadcast media, and as media publicists for legal-social issues.
Starting in 2020, the firm began broadcasting "ReTrail" - a podcast series for the Israeli public broadcasting corporation. In the podcasts our attorneys discuss law and history. In addition, Schwartz and Narkis are currently authoring a book on the theory of litigation, which reviews constitutive cases and affairs they handled.